Sometimes things happen right when you need them, and it testifies on where you’ve been. I recall getting off work several years ago, yet I would drive around my house as opposed to going home. I did this daily, but I never thought anything of it at the time. I honestly believed it was completely normal to not go home after a long day at work and prefer to drive circles around your home in effort to avoid the people in your home.

I was tired before I went to work this morning. I couldn’t sleep last night at all, and I do this from time to time. I think it was the knowledge I had an early morning ahead of me along with an overly booked schedule. Anyway, I was on the road to my first client before 6 a.m. The day passed by quickly, but my mental faculties were depleted by 7 p.m. That is not too shabby for roughly three hours of sleep.

The day was enjoyable, because the most fulfilling workdays involve an exchange between two people inciting change. Most people offer a lesson even if you are the professional in the situation, so it was an enlightening day to say the least. Nonetheless, I longed for the moment my vehicle was finally parked in our driveway.

The time comes, and I arrive later than originally anticipated to find my husband and our daughter sitting on the couch together. They greeted me eagerly in a competition as to whom would tell me about their day and ask about mine first. Listening intently, I await my turn to greet them both, and my daughter won the first round.

My husband and I hugged upon my arrival, but he patiently waited in the kitchen until we could talk in more detail. I approached him and took his hands in mine moving them towards my face to encourage a sweet, long-awaited caress if only we weren’t so awkward.

As I move his hands towards my face, their position shifts from a bowl shape to palms down, and my husband wraps his hands around my neck as if he is about to strangle me. We stood there with confused looks on our faces but somehow unable to stop before bursting in a fit of laughter.

Now I know how he really feels.

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