It is safe to say most people want to become more attractive and successful. Most marketing aims to play on this desire for sales, but I’ll give you this little wisdom nugget for free.

Let’s say you work with another individual. You find yourself wanting to speak negatively about this person’s appearance when you see they might have an admirer. Maybe you find yourself tempted to bash this person to mutual clients to deter business from this person. What do you do to elevate yourself above this person?

  • Tip 1: You keep your mouth shut and get over it.

Let me tell you why. My job requires me to attend court with my clients. Recently, I found myself on a bench in the courtroom among other coworkers as the judge went through proceedings. To my bemusement, the 40+ year old woman next to me picks up her phone in the middle of proceedings, and types, “She is ugly as fuck. She thinks everyone likes her. No one wants her,” in reference to another coworker of ours sitting in the bench in front of us.

Nothing stinks more of insecurity. Nothing stinks more of unprofessionalism. Few things look more pathetic and desperate. Few things make one uglier. So when you find yourself wanting to tear someone down in this way, do yourself a favor, and don’t. Just don’t.

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